Who are we?

We are reporter at and near the frontline. 

Frontliner – independent interactive media about the military conflict and the hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

Donbas Frotliner reporters team at the Russian-Ukraine frontliner, 2021
Frontliner reporters team at the Russian-Ukraine frontline, 2021

What is our idea?

Frontliner will show you the whole picture of the subject – war, soldiers, civilians, social attitudes, current issues and different solutions, the good.

That is:

  • To be where we are needed – at the front and near it.
  • We provide an overview of events, opinions and social attitudes of the local population.
  • We deliver the information in an interactive manner and in real time in compliance with journalistic standards.
  • Information is delivered with the convenience of social media – Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, and our website.
  • We also have products in English, delivering reliable up-to-date information on the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine to foreign media and representatives of foreign institutions.  
Civil and Ukrainian military at the street of the frontline village Krymske, 2021
Civil and Ukrainian military at the street of the frontline village Krymske, 2021

What is our difference?

Speak, so that I may see you.

Interactivity is one of the key features of the contemporary media.

Instead of a traditional reporting approach “event-news-discussion” Frontliner use a different approach “question to the community-reality (issue)-research-discussion”.

Our reporters are always online (if the security situation allows!). We are always available on Facebook and Instagram. We announce all of our trips and research topics. So that you can always ask a reporter and talk to a real person, not a brand. You can ask clarifying questions. You can give advice or a comment. You can report an issue. You can actually help the people, whose stories we will be covering.

Together with us you can make a difference!

We are:

  • Experienced.
  • Mobile.
  • We only talk about what we see and know.

What are our values?

Human dignity above all!

  • Humanity
  • Honesty
  • Visuality
  • Quality and depth (completeness)
  • Impartiality
Reporters camera in Ukraine trenches

Who is currently on Frontliner team?

Andriy Dubchak – founder and reporter of the Frontliner media, reporter, photographer. 

Personal social media: Facebook, Instagram.

Personal website: https://andriy-dubchak.com.ua

Yelyzaveta Kovtun – CEO of the Frontliner media 

Personal social media: Facebook, Instagram.

Danylo Dubchak – reporter and photograph.

Personal social media: Instagram.

Olena Maksymenko – reporter, photograph, writer, paramedic.

Personal social media: Facebook, Instagram.

Nikoletta Stoyanova – reporter and photograph.

Personal social media: Instagram.

There are many other people who helped the project with advice, donats, translation, sharing. Thanks all very much!

Where does our money come from?

We collected the amount needed to start from two parts.

The first is the donations of caring people at the Spilnokosht (crowdfunding platform).

The second is a grant from the International Renaissance Foundation, which is a partner of the Frontliner project.

We have enough money to buy a set of primary equipment (photo, video, mounting laptop), to rent a car, and for the first months of work.

We have added a lot of own equipment to the project, but this is not enough for the future. You also need additional sets of photo equipment, lenses, hi-zoom camera, night camera, flash drives, drives. An independent satellite internet connection is required in case…. It is better not to think about the large-scale escalation of hostilities, but this probability must be taken into account as well.

How can you support us?

We will partially monetize to try to recoup the cost of the project.

And we will be grateful for the donations!

We have Patreon:


And Spilnokosht:


Donbas Frontliner - Russian artillery shelling village Verkhnetoretske
Craters after Russian artillery shelling village Verkhnetoretske, Donetsk region, Sep 2021

What is our plan?

We successfully started (June 2021 – Oct 2021):

  • created official international media – Frontliner;
  • launched site and social networks;
  • mobile team — three journalists doing everything and volunteers who help to the project.

Now is midterm perspective (three months after the launch):

  • mobile team;
  • another persons added to the team for social media, videomontage, site management and distribution.

Long-term perspective (6 months to a year after the launch):

  • two mobile teams: one covering Donbas, another one – other regions of Ukraine;
  • person working on editing and graphics;
  • person managing the website and distribution;
  • person managing social media.

The project is volunteer-based, but we will attempt to make a small profit after launch, which is quite difficult to do considering the limitations of the existing media market. But not all hope is lost.

We will be grateful for spreading information about us!

Thank you for participating in the project!

Fixing services from Frontliner

Frontliner journalists will gladly provide the services of fixers – support of foreign colleagues, search of interesting stories, translation, assistance in the press cards registration and creation of itinerary sheets, communication with the press services of brigades, and so on.

Donbas Frontliner reporters fixing fixer services for foreign journalist
US photographer Steve Andre as part of the Frontliner field team in Azov Sea region, Aug2021

We are fluent in English and will be happy to help the media people from other parts of the world to shed light on the problems and stories of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

For cooperation, contact Andriy Dubchak via Facebook or email dubchaka@gmail.com or by phone: +380-63-493-08-70


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